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The islands "Nosy" in the bay
The archipelagos
Coast of Madagascar

The big Red Island is surrounded by thousands of miles of deserted beaches scattered with the occasional fishing village. It has a unique fauna and flora and extensive unesplored barrier reefs full of marine life. It has 18 different tribes, descendants of the Arabs, Indians, Africans, Chinese and Indonesians, yet despite the Island's close proximity to the coast of Mozambique, the people have an entity completely different form that of the Africants.

In regards to the origin of Madagascar, one theory which keeps coming up is that of Gondwana, who put forward the theory of the sliding continents. Thus the Island once detached from the coast of Mozambique slides into the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar has not become a very much in demand tourist destination. Tourists that explore the Red Island are attracted to the charm of an extremely rich and unique flora and fauna but also to a great variety of landscapes.

An area of 587.000 kms 5.000km of coast Madagascar offers to the travelers a great chance to discover a wild and exclusive nature, in incessant progress.




Nosy-Be, despite its natural beauty, the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants, should not be only chosen for a relaxing holiday on its deserted beaches. Nosy-Be can be the point of departure to discover the many and magnificent islands in the surroundings





After years of experience, we have selected:

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  • Sailing boats to discover the wild coast and the beautiful islands

Our love for Madagascar and the knowledge of the sites, has allowed us to create tours that will allow you to live your dream holidays


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